RBC On Mission

RBC On Mission is the missions arm of Rincon Baptist Church. At Rincon Baptist Church we believe in supporting our local and international missinaries with our prayers and financial support.

Once a month, on a Sunday evening, we invite one of our supported missionaries to share their mission activities with us.

Through prayer and seeking God's will, RBC On Mission is currently supporting the missionaries and/or mission projects listed below:


          John and Mavis Coleman

          Child Evangelism Fellowship (Good News Club)

          Ernie Domgaard - Catalina Baptist Association

          Gideons Inernational

          Gospel Rescue Mission

          Edna Vasti Peralta - Child Evangelism Fellowship

          Jivan and Anita Rai, missionaries to Nepal

          An IMB missionary in a closed country

          First Papago Baptist

          Vamori Baptist

          Philippines' Mission


Anytime God leads you to make a donation to one or more of the people or projects listed just indicate that on your offering envelope. You can also give through our online Giving Portal by clicking on the "Give" tab here on our website, selecting "RBC On Mission", and then selecting the desired mission from the list that appears.

Your prayers for our missionaries are powerful, and your financial support is appreciated. For more information on RBC On Mission please contact Penney Elder. 


Rising Youth

Rising Youth is the Youth Group at Rincon Baptist Church designed for students in sixth through twelfth grade. They meet every Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 in our small sanctuary for a time of worship, teaching, and small groups.


RBC Kids

RBC Kids is the ministry for our students who are in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Each Sunday our kids worship with all the adults then head off to children’s church where they are taught a weekly bible story from one of our incredible teachers.


Young Adults

YA is designed for adults ages 18-30. They meet every Monday night at 6:30 for dinner followed by a bible study and discussion in our fellowship hall.



YM360 is the Sunday school class for students in sixth-twelfth grade.  So what does "youth ministry, full circle" really mean, anyway? It's actually pretty simple . . . It's YM360's way of meeting the needs of youth. We believe all youth, regardless of church size, denomination, or level of experience have needs in common. And we spend our time working to encourage and equip youth in these areas.


Food Distribution

Food distribution takes place in our Fellowship Hall every month, on the 4th Saturday of the month, come rain or shine. We are proud to partner with Caring Ministries to provide this valuable resource to our community and those in need.  Registration begins at 9:30am.  (Please note: church facilities are not open prior to 9:30am).  Seasonal vegetables and fruits are available as well as many types of bread.  Pre-made sandwiches, salads, and other food items may also be available.  We ask that you respect the process so that others may have an opportunity to receive.  There is no charge and all food items are free.